Dr. Glenn Gorab

As a child, I remember going with my parents to the doctor’s office for checkups. I disliked going to the office not because of the doctor but the often one or two hour wait before we got to see the doctor. Because it was so crowded, we often sat in the hall and waited for our name to be called. Even as a young child I realized that this was not an ideal way to have doctor appointments.

Early on in the beginning of my practice, I was motivated to create a culture and atmosphere in our practice that tried to make the patients visit as easy and comfortable as possible. For an oral surgery office, at times, this is not an easy task. Yet still we strive to prevent delays in the office and treat all of our patients with the utmost respect, kindness with great consideration for the time they spend with us.

Although we are performing surgical procedures, we value the customer service aspect as equally as important. When I started my practice my first (and only) employee was a woman named Pat. She was not only my receptionist but my dental assistant as well. She had a kind and gentle way about her and was just the type of person that you enjoyed being with. I learned a lot from her and she set a tone in our office of kindness and compassion, while at the same time being accurate and appropriate with the tasks she performed. This attitude of caring for our patient’s feelings and not only their physical needs has been a cornerstone of our practice for over 30 years.

You will find the staff in our office to be caring and compassionate. We understand that you really don’t want to be here and have surgery. But we will try to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible.

We will very often get cards, thank you notes, or just a word in passing telling us how happy people were with their visit or how they thought that they were going to have a terrible experience and it was much better than they expected. These are the messages that we get and the indications from our patients that tell us that we are doing our job. We also get tons of cookies and donuts which none of us really want to eat- but we do!

Our commitment is to make your experience in our office the best it can be and to meet or exceed your expectations.

Hometown – Clifton New Jersey
Undergraduate Education – Lehigh University 1977
Dental School – Fairleigh Dickinson University 1981
Internship and Residency – Jersey City Medical Center 1985
Director of Dentistry – St Mary’s Hospital Passaic new jersey
Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Anesthesiology
Named a “Top Dentist” by New Jersey Monthly magazine for 11 years
Married with 3 children
Hobbies – Fishing, skiing, golf, and travelling